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Hi! We are Chris Colman and Mellysa Harris. We are a Las Vegas SEO and Digital Marketing Company.

Our main focus is to get local businesses to rank higher in the search engines. This is done by either search engine optimization to your website or using high quality relevant resources to boost your online rankings and web presence so you bring in more customers to your business.

98{234a3b8d3fb799eec9937dca5ee8578f25c83bafb1450a55954065ce095d918a} of the internet users in the United States are gathering information and making online decisions, so that they can make the best buying decision either it’s for a product or service. It’s important that when doing SEO for your Las Vegas business is that your website is optimized in a way where your business is branded and visible to more people who are searching for what you are offering.

So how did businesses with websites get so lucky in search engines and rank high? Well, it’s not luck. When it comes to online search either it is for local search or for national search your website has to have the proper Las Vegas SEO done in order for your company to rank well for certain keywords. Powering up your website with Las Vegas SEO and the highest quality resources will give you a boost in search engines that your customers are using like in Google, Yahoo! And Bing, as well as other search engines that are available. Your customer is out there looking for you and the best way for them to find you online is making sure that your website is Las Vegas SEO as well as mobile friendly and is discussed in relevant sites like yours so your clients can be connected to you.

If your business is not found locally in online directories then you’re losing business to your competitors. Doing Las Vegas SEO for your business not only gets your customers to find you, but it gets you in a position where you are ranking above your competitors.

Thank you for checking out our website. We look forward to working with you soon!

Chris Colman and Mellysa Harris

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Our mission is to help companies improve their online presence through Branding, and Digital Marketing.


We are committed to helping people succeed, strive for excellence, and we constantly seek never ending improvement.


Our vision is to be the leader in connecting companies to their customers through Branding, and Digital Marketing.

1. SEO Brings More Customers

SEO is like investing in marketing your local business to the world wide web. Setting up a website taps into a different customer base and advertising on it brings in a more effective and efficient use of your time and resources. It has been shown that businesses that change with the times and embrace technology grow up to 2x exponentially than those who resist and stay with old-fashioned ads and paper marketing. It works as a targeted marketing campaign in that people and customers will find your website only when they are actively looking for specific products and services. The amount of relevant traffic and potential customers far outweighs the time and cost it takes to maintain a high SEO content as a marketing tactic. People also trust Google, and trust what Google is showing them as the most relevant content when they search for specific keywords. When your local business shows up in front, people are more likely to believe your content or services are better than the others in the lower ranking.

2. SEO Discovers New Markets

More and more consumers are using the internet to find products and services that they need. It certainly makes sense, as browsing through various sites to buy an electronic gadget, booking a 2-week vacation or reading reviews from people who have already purchased a product you are planning to buy is more convenient than visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Also, most people spend time on the web nowadays, and the chances of them stumbling to your local business website is more likely than finding where your business resides.

3. Create The Best Ranking Using Las Vegas SEO Services

SEO holds an unbeatable advantage over other kinds of advertising and marketing practices- it can last almost indefinitely with little to no effort once it is set up. Consider an example- which would you think lasts longer or provides a greater chance to reach your local business’ target market, an ad in a newspaper or a magazine, or an SEO content that appears as relevant search results on the internet? Newspaper ads only last a day and are severely limited to the demographic of those who are still reading them. It gets buried under newer publications and will most likely be never seen again. People who do find them will think they are no longer relevant since they are literally, yesterday’s news. The only thing you will need to worry about is updating and publishing information that will keep your ranking up in search engines.

4. SEO Levels the Playing Field

You might think that cyberspace is the same as in real world, where mega corporations and multi-million dollar companies hold the lion’s share when it comes to advertising and marketing their products and services. You will be surprised to find successful garage-run enterprises that have a staff of one or two operating alongside professional companies and industry experts, mom-and-pop stores that are as exposed as their multi-store chain counterparts. There are even some instances where a particular local business brand is much more recognized and trusted than leading corporate brands, all through the use of SEO. Local Businesses can finally dream of making it big without taking a giant risk, being able to compete longer because of the low costs of creating and keeping a website in tiptop shape.

5. SEO Ensures User-Focused Websites

Small and local businesses have a lot to gain when their online counterpart runs smooth, is fast and provides a unique user experience. SEO has evolved from being a tool that takes advantage of search engine content, to being a well-rounded online feature that improves user experience as well. What can be said about first impressions also run true when potential customers and consumers visit your website- when they see your well-structured local business website and its useful content (for blogs and sales pages), its clean and easy to use interface (for restaurants and inns), and when it gives a smooth and error-free experience, the consumer enjoys it and browses through your website for a longer time. When they are fully satisfied, they may even provide a glowing review or a recommendation to their friends, giving you free advertisement through word of mouth.

6. SEO Opens Your Local Business 24/7

One of the best benefits of SEO for local businesses is that it opens your doors 24/7 even while you sleep. How would you like to keep your business active and able to accept new customers with so little added cost and time? That is the beauty of maintaining an online presence by creating a website for your local business. It transcends the number of hours in a day and does not neglect those who may find your product or service online. Your business might even be discovered by someone who is outside of your time zone and bring more profit by expanding your customers internationally. All of their questions and queries can be answered by the SEO content provided, and if needed, they can email or leave a feedback that will help your business grow and receive valuable insights from the consumer’s point of view.

7. SEO Unlocks Social Media Exposure

What any aspiring local business, or any company these days want is to be viral. Viral means that your product, service or reputation reaches astronomical proportions and word of mouth spreads over nationwide, with the chance to be famous globally. Any business with a good SEO content will attract more social media attention, and what that means is success will only go one way- Up! Someone who has tweeted your page, liked it, +1’d it via Google+ will bring it closer to the coveted first page rankings when people are searching for content that you can provide. A good fanbase can also be created and nurtured by providing newsletters and RSS feeds. Constant updates, news and features will bring you closer to your target consumers, bridging the wide gap between paying customers and the local business.

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