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Hi! We are Chris Colman and Mellysa Harris. We are a Las Vegas SEO and Digital Marketing Company.

Our main focus is to get local businesses to rank higher in the search engines. This is done by either search engine optimization to your website or using high quality relevant resources to boost your online rankings and web presence so you bring in more customers to your business.

98{234a3b8d3fb799eec9937dca5ee8578f25c83bafb1450a55954065ce095d918a} of the internet users in the United States are gathering information and making online decisions, so that they can make the best buying decision either it’s for a product or service. It’s important that when doing SEO for your Las Vegas business is that your website is optimized in a way where your business is branded and visible to more people who are searching for what you are offering.

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So how did businesses with websites get so lucky in search engines and rank high? Well, it’s not luck. When it comes to online search either it is for local search or for national search your website has to have the proper Las Vegas SEO done in order for your company to rank well for certain keywords. Powering up your website with Las Vegas SEO and the highest quality resources will give you a boost in search engines that your customers are using like in Google, Yahoo! And Bing, as well as other search engines that are available. Your customer is out there looking for you and the best way for them to find you online is making sure that your website is Las Vegas SEO as well as mobile friendly and is discussed in relevant sites like yours so your clients can be connected to you.

If your business is not found locally in online directories then you’re losing business to your competitors. Doing Las Vegas SEO for your business not only gets your customers to find you, but it gets you in a position where you are ranking above your competitors.

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Chris Colman and Mellysa Harris

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Are You Looking for a Las Vegas SEO Partner?

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Our mission is to help companies improve their online presence through Branding, and Digital Marketing.


We are committed to helping people succeed, strive for excellence, and we constantly seek never ending improvement.


Our vision is to be the leader in connecting companies to their customers through Branding, and Digital Marketing.

SEO or search engine optimization is not a new thing for business. For many years, it has been part of the landscape. Those who adopted early enough have reaped huge benefits. However, some entrepreneurs have let the whole idea pass them by while others have just dipped their toes in the water. SEO is playing an increasingly major role in the day to day management of business websites all over the world. It is not an exaggeration that small businesses too have a lot of benefits from SEO. It is common sense that business that do not practice SEO are in worse situations compared to companies that invest in search engine marketing.  Looking for a Las Vegas SEO Partner?

SEO provides several advantages to all business owners. It is advisable that beginners who search for search engine optimizations should first understand what an SEO is and why it is important, so as to e able to understand some of the basic terminologies behind search engine optimizations and its general importance. In this post, we take a look at some of the advantages of SEO for local businesses:

Cost effective/affordability

SEO is possibly the most cost effective marketing strategy one can implement, if used correctly. It can also provide the business it highest marketing returns. SEO is both reliable and cheaper in its effectiveness compared to traditional methods of advertising and marketing like radio and TV, mailers, and yellow pages which might cost you an arm and leg. These traditional methods of advertising continue to cost large sums of cash since one needs to always re-up his/her commitment to keep the leads trickling in. On the contrary SEO gets cheaper after you get it up rolling.

The cost commitment actually reduces quite significantly the moment you put initial effort so as to get your rankings up. This is because the effort and time commitment to keep those ranking reduces. It’s normally only a matter of maintenance at this stage.

Demand driven

Search engines are used when there is a need. If a web page follows correct SEO practices, then the moment a user lands on your site, what he will get is exactly what he is searching for, and this may result into sales, leads as well as maximized profitability for your business.

Creates a better and more user friendly website

For beginners, search engine optimization will help you create a faster, friendlier and better website for users.SEO is not only for search engines as the name may suggest but the focal point is on the user. If your users are glad, your search engines will be glad as well.

Brand Awareness:

This is the last part to be brought up here as it can be a baggie, but not to be focused on solely. Typically, focusing on brand awareness is something left for companies who have unlimited resources like coca-cola. However, it is among the many bonuses that come along with good search engine optimization campaigns, and also being known in your local area is always a plus for your business. Visibility brings credibility. An average buyer needs not only to see but also hear or be contacted in a way by a business for at least 5 times before being able to comfortably do business with you. Search engine optimization achieves this because SEO campaigns demands that your business be listed in several places in the internet to enable your website to rank well.

This extra exposure to your business gives more opportunities get a customer by being where they search.

Achieve better conversion rates

This is also among the merits of SEO for businesses. A search engine optimization is easy to use, fast and also compatible with tablet and mobile devices. This will as well translate to better conversions for instance visitors coming to your website are most likely to become subscribers, customers or loyal visitors.

Open your business 24×7

A business that receives organic traffic is like its open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. That is the magic of SEO and internet. Invest your money and time to get your website at the top of SERPs and get new clients while your business is closed.

SEO is good for social media

A webpage with high ranking will gain more social media exposure as well. The relationship between social media and SEO is by-directional. The popularity of social media is good for SEO purposes and search engine optimization brings much social media visibility. In other words, searches are most likely to Tweet/LIKE/ +1 a page if it is found in the first position of the SEO results compared to a page that doesn’t have good rankings.

SEO can help you achieve your business goals

The internet is a huge market place if you want more leads, customers and sales where customers are becoming less cautious when it comes to buying items. So if your business objectives are to increase profits and raise sales, the internet is a fantastic platform from where to reach out to a greater audience and assist you achieves those objectives.

How to take advantage of these benefits 1. The first thing is have a website with the following information: company details, contact details, business hours, products etc. you can contact the experts to guide you procedures to get your business online. 2. The second step is to identify someone who is either digital marketer or an SEO with vast experience to design for you a digital marketing campaign. Consider money spend on an SEO as an investment but not a cost. Note that the benefits of SEO discussed above are as a result of careful investment but not result of a cost. 3. In case outsourcing SEO is out of question, then you can still do it yourself and benefit from the advantages. Have in mind that SEO is not all about building links but about building a reputable user experience as well as providing for top quality content. Conclusion Search engine optimization is very necessary investment as it comes with Benefits of SEO for local businesses and also business that competes online. Having optimized website is the absolute minimum today and money spent on SEO should be seen as an investment.

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